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Crazy Armadillo Photography was established to provide cost-effective photography services aimed at smaller local and regional businesses and individuals in need of quality photography, but with a smaller, more limited budget.

Additionally, we provide readily available, cost effective source of stock images of the people, cultures, places, and events of Lubbock and the Texas South Plains and Panhandle. Images suitable for promotion, article illustration, decor, or personal use. Our database of these images grows continuously to provide variety, as well as updated images. We also happily accept job specific assignments at very competitive rates. Authors and artists are encouraged to contact us for assistance with projects requiring photos.

Please take a tour of the site and check out the stock image files. If you do not find an image that will suit your needs, let us know. We will be happy to search our image achieve or to work with you on a particular project.

And now a short “disclaimer” - There are many very good photographers out there who shoot weddings and related items/events and enjoy doing them. I am quite content to allow them to pursue those images and clients without competition from me. My focus is in a more commercial, lifestyle type genre.


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About The Photographer

Joe Hassell

My interest in trying to capture the world on film started when I was a teenager and attempted to record the beauty and unique people and places we visited on family vacations. My desire only grew when we lived and traveled in the Texas Hill Country for several years. My hobby became more involved and when I saw my first photo published and won a place in a photo exhibit, my fate was sealed. The hobby grew to the point I had to make a choice, so I set up a sideline business to support the habit.

After 40 years as an engineer and construction project manager, I discovered retirement was not really what I wanted with life, so the sideline is now the mainline and I am now a full time image creator.

My background in engineering and construction allow me to easily relate to architects, contractors, builders, and interior designers and understand their goals and desires for images. My long standing interest in various architecture has made it an area of specialty for my images.



Scott Dentistry, La Luz, Art Glass Studio, Gregory House Bed & Breakfast



Work is regularly featured at the La Luz & Friends Boutique Gallery, Denver, CO